Links zur sozialen Dreigliederung

In dieser Sammlung werden möglichst alle Webseiten aufgenommen, die sich offen zur sozialen Dreigliederung bekennen und nicht nur einige Ziele übernehmen, ohne auf ihren Zusammenhang zu verweisen.


The center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI) comes for some time into operation in the philippinish and international development politics, in order to achieve the acknowledgement of the civil society as independent force beside the state and the economy. This acknowledgement is at the end required by the civil society itself. And of course, also from threefolder who do not really trust the achievement of a completly conscious civil society.

Initiative Network Threefolding

The "Initiative Network Threefolding" (Initiative Netzwerk Dreigliederung) publishes since more than ten years the "Circular Letter Threefolding of Social Organism" (Rundbrief Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus), which became indispensable in the meantime. The main point of the last numbers is the subject "Global Civil Society" as possible building bridge between the estimation of the social threefolding and the modern initiatives against a world more and more placed under the law of the market.

Institut of Social Threefolding

English website of the Institut of Social Threefolding.